Small and flexible hotels have the advantage to apply innovation and engage customers.

Small and flexible hotels have the advantage to apply innovation and engage customers.

Small and flexible chains might are at the forefront of verifying and providing what guests and investors want on both sides of the reception desk, but will that dual savvy approach is scalable? The matter is nobody at Hospitality Market is building a rocket,we are selling sleep, but guests are demanding both a great night of sleep and public-area innovation and high technology

Owners and investors, meanwhile, want to spend on distribution to bring in more top-line revenue and fewer commission payouts to online travel agencies. Historically hoteliers have not been good at delivering the necessary innovation backĀ of the house and they rarely change the underlying business processes of the industry.

It is a red,very competitive and not a blue ocean in which approximately 90% of innovation will fall in its first year.The creative investment in areas where guests see and spend time comes from those guests and the spirit of his company, which is described as a part developer, part operator,part creative studio. Naturally,customers also show us what they want, so the more intelligent solution is focus on public areas,to make sure events programming is excellent, create platforms for guests to interact with one another and form a community. Necessarily, customers definitely lead the tech conversation.

Brand employees have a part to play, naturally. Spend 20% of the time on the people piece, finding the right and appropriate EQ and IQ balance. Take the Google approach,that if they are smart enough, they will figure it out. Over-invest and over spend on this,on half the game is lost. Empower people and have them be responsible for what they are accountable for. Unless this is done, you will never get anything, so do everything to support them.Hire nice people, which often do the trick. Innovation in public spaces has overwhelmingly drawn local customers while the same upgrades in meetings spaces have pulled in local business.

Digital, especially analytical spend, is completely necessary to point the entire customer journey together to form a valuable customer proposition.Time and money spent on tech are to get people to walk straightly through the door. However,It is spent too much time on making a website great, now it should me more about consumer engagement. Ultimately, just be the best, as the customer decides how they will find you. Create service delivery and a real experience and he will search for your more times and anywhere.