Hotel marketers, enjoy the rest of 2015 to update yourself and start 2016 with a tiny marketing plan for your hotel. Adaptation to the current digital marketing revolution is the key for getting at least in the same level of your competitors, and that situation has never been more critical. Watch these 4 main topics you should study and improve:

1) Content is king, content marketing is power.

Persuasion does not exist anymore. If your client experience and feel what you are offering, he is almost yours. That is content marketing, creating and telling your history online with a disguised selling. Do not be only your hotel, be something beyond, teach how to travel better and cheaper, give tips, show some concern, some respect.

This is the only way you can attract the millennials, the new generation that is fully online and travels a lot. Good and truly content takes the enquiring consumer from shopping to purchase, straightly.

2) Visual Storytelling, make them remember you forever.

Selling is storytelling about some product or service. In past years, words are getting boring, tiring for people in this hurry world. The new generation, the new consumer wants awesome images. Propose your hotels and its features using clean, minimalistic and visual elements.

Bet in photos of your rooms, hall, and swimming pool area, but amazing photos. Amazing images makes your place kept in people’s mind, because evokes true feeling and emotions.

3) Feed the social networking, be everywhere, be mobile.

Social media changed notions of space and time. Act on it, showing your brand. Staying is not enough, INTERACT. Online reviews are there to prove that bad comments spread faster than good ones. Always answer your consumer. Digital marketing is not wasting or spending. It is investment to build a relationship with your client, based on trustful.

People do not stop today. Decisions are made in seconds, even made by a lot of people. If you are not on mobile platform, nobody will see your brand; even think about it to make a buying decision. Always follow the rhythm of society, or you will be left behind.

4) Do not waste time. Research!

The magic about marketing or advertising always was using instinct and having great idea. It is over. If you do not know your target, whom you talking with, you are wasting time and money. Suit your hotel and your communication to the kind of people you want to get.

Personalize. Customize. Point your content, the approach, and if you want, even your rooms for someone you really know and studied. Mass communication and persuasion are ineffective. Study more, walk on streets, listen the conversation of people on the bus, do not be shy. Make really inspiring and informative ads.