PMS Connect

Focus all your time on the guests

Manage your room distribution seamlessly through AxisRooms PMS Connect.

Manually entered reservations, received by your multiple distribution channels into your PMS is a cumbersome and non productive process, with PMS connect this will be a automated process.

Property management systems (PMSs) have become important tools for hotel management. PMSs are designed to manage operations of a complex hotel environment. The hospitality industry is about people and technology - having the integrated technology solutions will make you and your guests sleep comfortably. With using PMS your data will become more comprehensive, accurate and accessible, tracking and reporting will be improved and enhanced guest service will increase your revenue.

Save Time

All bookings received from your multiple distribution channels into your PMS are done automatically.

Increase online sales

Hoteliers can offer all their available rooms, all of the time, to all their desired channels and in real-time.

Improve productivity

Hoteliers can spend more time on other commercial activities, in addition to delivering better customer service.

Reduce human error

With every update from your PMS being automated and immediately reflected on all your sales channels, you greatly reduce human error which can result in a loss of revenue and poor customer service.