Customize and only enjoy your vacation

Vacation rental homes are becoming popular, not just for family vacations, but among independent travelers as well. A rental home will almost always yield more space at a lower price than a hotel room. If you want to feel more like at home on your next trip, a rental can be the solution. The time to try a vacation rental property has come, and AxisRooms is always here, looking for being update. That’s why we are now offering all our products interactions with vacation rental services.

Revolutionize and boost your vacation rental business

Increase your property’s presence on all the major distribution channels and see the growth in the audience looking to book a vacation rental online. Obtain the customized distribution channels with a wide variety of OTA’s, vacation rental sites, property listing sites etc.

Interact with booking engine, increase conversion via website

Incorporate the booking engine system on your property website. This way, you allow the vacationers to get their booking done directly through the website, easily. A secured payment gateway is offered for all the online bookings.

Use one single dashboard to manage all the data and packages

Get the whole picture of your rental properties on one single dashboard, with all the arrivals,departures, and guest details. Manage your properties way more efficiently. Keep tracking interaction of your inventory with each distribution channel to avoid double booking issues.

No boundaries to your brand, amplify the reach of your online footprint

Take your property brand to a higher level. Create the website that will help you to boost direct bookings thereby maximizing the profitability. Allow users to navigate freely on a device responsive website, independently.

Be with your customer wherever he is. Be mobile and design responsive

Property owners can manage the distribution from anywhere through the mobile app. It is equipped with simplified distribution solutions for more efficient management of the system.

The most complete Statistical Timely Report on your fingertips

Make smarter and more based-on- data decisions by understanding which factors and channels are driving your business. Vacation rental software allows you determining unnecessary spending and identifying avenues and opportunities which have the potential to maximize the sales.