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Direct bookings in TripAdvisor thanks to AxisRooms and Instant Booking

TripConnect Instant Booking, TripAdvisors’ product used to help you to acquire instant booking for your Hotel from the TripAdvisor website. Through the Instant booking, the hotelier can avail benefits like;

  • Increasing the bookings
  • Raising the revenue
  • Cost effective way for getting reservations.

TripAdvisors’s Instant Booking allows the directing booking from the TripAdvisor page; and the costing will be done based on the pay-per- booking model. The bookings are captured through the trusted connectivity partners and are then passed on to the hotelier. The millions of ravelers come across your hotel’s live rates and availability listed on TripAdvisor .

Trip Advisor

What are the advantages of Instant Booking?

  • No fixed costs. Use a simple, pay-per booking commission model.
  • Always first. The Instant Booking option appears as the first booking option, above the OTAs.
  • Better conversion. The traveler books without leaving the TripAdvisor environment.
  • Control acquisition cost. Set the cost-per- click budget that matches your needs.
  • Pay for stays. Pay only for completed guest stays.
  • Direct contact with the customer. You receive customer data via Axisrooms' Business Travel Services.
  • Designed for desktops, tablets and mobile devices.

Axisrooms is the India’s first certified connectivity partner of the TripAdvisor. As the premium partner, Axisrooms provide the privilege of showcasing the rates and availability of it’s hotel’s clients on the Tripadvisor page. The hotel client’s of Axisrooms can also take advantage of other benefits of TripConnect Instant Booking feature.

What are you waiting for? Activate Instant Booking on TripAdvisor and request information regarding our terms and conditions at the following email address